See me in a Mag :-)

Just thought I would update you guys on what’s been happening recently. I have been so busy and haven’t had much time at all. But, you know that I love it 😀

I have just submitted a project to the “Lets Make Cards” magazine, which should be in the July issue, please take a look and let me know what you think, I hope it will inspire you…
I spoke to the Editor, Sarah Neal, who is the nicest person; I look forward to meeting her soon, hopefully 😀

I have also been working with Stamp Addicts who are located in Kempston, Bedford. Sarah and Vicky are about to film 2 shows, which are to be aired soon on Create & Craft Channel (661 on Sky). Look out for the sample cards I have put together for these shows.

Please send me your comments if you like them, even if you don’t it would be good to know what you didn’t like.

Sarah and Vicky run Stamp Addicts, a family owned business from Kemspton. As the name suggests, there are a lot of stamps in the shop!!
If its too far to go, they have an online catalogue and do mail order. You can find the link on the this website, it’s definitely worth a look 😀

Anyway, that’s all for now, will let you know how other projects are going soon 🙂

Happy Crafting guys and Stay Lucky


I played in the Poker ELC (European Ladies Championships) on Saturday 5th May 2007. I had a really good run all day. Out of 48 players, 39 had already gone out, after nearly ten hours !! I was still hanging in there.
It was tense, the average amount of chips was around 27000, but my stack was only 9000.
There were 2 tables left, one of 4 players and another of 5.

It had got to a stage where we were all waiting for one player to go out so there would be one final table of 8 left.

This is called the bubble in poker. That’s when there are prizes for the top x number of players and the player to go out just before is the one that goes out “on the bubble”. So, I suppose that is when your bubble is burst, LOL.

I had to double up as all the other players on my table had 20K+ and I was the low stack. On my small blind, the first 2 players had folded. I looked at my cards, I had a King & Jack off suit (not the same suit). I decided it was now or never. I pushed all my chips onto the table and announced “All In”. The big blind announced “Call” and showed a pair of Aces. Oh my God, I thought, took my shades off and signed.

The dealer showed the flop (the first 3 cards) I can’t remember the order now, but there was an Ace, Ten and something. I think to my self, I’m still in with a chance here, I am on an Ace high Straight draw, just need my gutshot Queen, the other lady has made trip Aces (three of a kind). The turn comes (the fourth card), wow, it’s a Queen, I have made my straight woo hooo, I’ve doubled up, I think to myself. But, there is still a 2% chance and one more Ace in the pack that will cause me a serious problem. The river come (the fifth card). I cannot believe it, its an ACE, my Ace high straight means nothing at all now, she has got Quad Aces (four of a kind).

That is honestly the worst beat I have ever had. I know I have only been playing for 3-4 months, but I hope I never see any thing like that again, unless I am behind and they get a bad beat from me 😀