I played in the Poker ELC (European Ladies Championships) on Saturday 5th May 2007. I had a really good run all day. Out of 48 players, 39 had already gone out, after nearly ten hours !! I was still hanging in there.
It was tense, the average amount of chips was around 27000, but my stack was only 9000.
There were 2 tables left, one of 4 players and another of 5.

It had got to a stage where we were all waiting for one player to go out so there would be one final table of 8 left.

This is called the bubble in poker. That’s when there are prizes for the top x number of players and the player to go out just before is the one that goes out “on the bubble”. So, I suppose that is when your bubble is burst, LOL.

I had to double up as all the other players on my table had 20K+ and I was the low stack. On my small blind, the first 2 players had folded. I looked at my cards, I had a King & Jack off suit (not the same suit). I decided it was now or never. I pushed all my chips onto the table and announced “All In”. The big blind announced “Call” and showed a pair of Aces. Oh my God, I thought, took my shades off and signed.

The dealer showed the flop (the first 3 cards) I can’t remember the order now, but there was an Ace, Ten and something. I think to my self, I’m still in with a chance here, I am on an Ace high Straight draw, just need my gutshot Queen, the other lady has made trip Aces (three of a kind). The turn comes (the fourth card), wow, it’s a Queen, I have made my straight woo hooo, I’ve doubled up, I think to myself. But, there is still a 2% chance and one more Ace in the pack that will cause me a serious problem. The river come (the fifth card). I cannot believe it, its an ACE, my Ace high straight means nothing at all now, she has got Quad Aces (four of a kind).

That is honestly the worst beat I have ever had. I know I have only been playing for 3-4 months, but I hope I never see any thing like that again, unless I am behind and they get a bad beat from me 😀

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