Quick Update …

Hey Guys,

Just thought I would update you that my project in Let’s Make Cards is due out beginning of July ’07 🙂
OMG, I can’t believe this, but my project is on the front cover. I am so chuffed about this.

I spoke to Sarah (the Editor) and she gave me the news last week. I still cannot believe it and can’t wait to see the magazine. Only thing is, I won’t be in the country when it comes out 🙁

As you know, if you read the Poker blog, I am in Vegas, hopefully winning at the poker LOL

I will definitely get my friends and family to all buy a copy for me, just in case someone forgets to get one LOL.

To top that, I have been asked to submit some more projects to the magazine for issue 9, so watch this space 🙂

Anyway, will update the blog again soon, take care guys.
Happy Crafting and
Stay Lucky

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