Vegas … here we come !

Off to Vegas on Wednesday 28th June 07. YAY
I LOVE Vegas, just hope it loves me back this time LOL. Well, I hope I break even at least 🙂 If not, I am sure I will have great fun losing a wad of cash LOL
Raj is playing in the main event and a couple of others before that, but I think I will play a few little tournies in the Venetian. I know that the Rio has a tournie thats quite cheap in the morning, so might try there too. If nothing else, at least I will get a bit of practice, which I definitely need 🙂
Will let you know how we both got on when I get back, and if I can find some time in between, eating, sleeping and playing, I will update the blog from Vegas 😉 But please don’t hold me to it LOL
Stay Lucky guys

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