Back from Vegas …

Got back from Vegas last Thursday and felt so tired I slept for 2 day!! I think I am just about getting used to the time here again, Isn’t it weird that just 3 weeks away can make your body think it lives somewhere else LOL

Had a great time, I keep telling my friends that I spent too much, lost too much but absolutely loved it LOL 😀

Before the World Series main event started, I tended to hang around the Ladbrokes Lounge, which was fantastic, seeing the poker circuit friends and making new friends. It’s so cool that everyone is really easy to talk to; there are a few massive egos, but in the main most poker players are lovely and down to earth people. I try to avoid the egos, but then again they don’t want to mix with riff raff like me LOL.

I learnt a lot from playing a few free rolls in the Ladbrokes Lounge and sitting in on tutorials given by people like Paul “Action Jack” Jackson.
Taking my newfound skills I decided to put them into practice playing at a few tourneys around the casinos in Vegas.

Wow, I seemed to have taken something in, I cashed a two tourneys back to back. I came 12th at the Venetian and 3rd at Paris, woo hoo 😀 😀 😀 I think I’ll carry on with the practice and see how far I can get.

I am playing in a televised event soon so will let you know how I get on.

See you soon
Take Care & Stay Lucky

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