Poker Million is back again !!

It’s the 25th July and as we’re driving down the M1 to London, I am getting more and more nervous. Not sure why, I’m not playing LOL.
Chatting along the way, Raj says that once we check into the hotel at Paddington, he wants a nice hot bath and an early night so that he is ready for his Poker Million VI heat tomorrow afternoon.

Sounds like a plan. I hope we can get some food first 😀

We park up at my brother’s house, near a tube station and make our way to the platform. These bags are heavy and we will have to drag them from the station to the room, which will, no doubt, be right at the end of a 2 mile corridor, it always is! There is never an expectation any more that our room will be anywhere near a lift LOL. We are sitting on the bench having a natter and wondering when the train will be there when Raj’s phone rings, I wish he would turn the ringer down, he has the most embarrassing ring tone LOL.
It’s Nigel, he is the big guy of Ladbrokes Poker. 🙂
He is probably calling to ask if everything is ok, etc but then I hear Raj say “Oh No”.
Hmmm, wonder what’s up?? The call goes on for a while and we miss a train. Raj hangs up, “Come on, we need to find a taxi.”

OK, let’s find a taxi then, I say. So we find one and get in. “Sky Studios at Isleworth please.”
Now, I am even more puzzled. I thought his heat was tomorrow or did we get it wrong?

Nigel had just told Raj that one of the players from today’s heats hadn’t been able to make it. So he asked if Raj could PLEASE play today instead. So, I find that instead of a long hot bath we are heading for the Sky Studios on an empty stomach!! LOL

Raj is the most easygoing people that I know. He will always help and try to make someone else’s life easier, even if it means he is put out himself. Maybe that’s why I have been with him for so long. Anyway, enough of the soppy talk LOL. We get the taxi driver to stop at a garage so we can get some sandwiches before we get to the studio.

It takes an hour to get to the studio and as we drive up Nigel is there waiting for us. He pays the fare and Raj is dragged off through some doors which I am not allowed through. “Good Luck” I manage to say before he disappears.

I wonder who is in his heat.
I know the players from his original heat included Paddy O’Conner and Jonny Lodden, but as for this one ….
I go to the green room and find Shelley Rubenstein, Marios and Dexter Fletcher from his morning’s celebrity heat all sitting around the TV which isn’t even turned on.
All of a sudden I hear Jessie May’s infectious laugh and it makes me giggle instantly. At least the speakers are on then. We turn the television on and see the players making their way to the table.
I see that Brian McFadden has made it through the celebrity heat that was played this morning. He must be totally shattered and he has to play another heat.
The other players are Richard Holmes, he is from Australia. Richard Blackburn, an online qualifier. Martin Wendt, a Danish professional player. Dave Gregory, I have seen him around many events in the UK, infact he was also at the WSOP and came to the Ladbrokes lounge.
The game gets started so we all settle in to watch, while playing a sit and go – it wouldn’t be the same if that didn’t happen LOL.
Unfortunately, tiredness seems to have got the better of Brian and he is the first casualty of the game.
Slowly one by one the player leave the table until there are only 2 left.
Heads up between Raj and Richard Blackburn. Raj has nearly a 6 – 1 chip lead so it shouldn’t be too long. I think I spoke too soon, Raj is up and down with his stack and at one point it looks like he might not make it through to the semi.
All-in and a call, Richard has 4 4 and Raj has K J.
Raj is playing the semi next week so you can guess what happened LOL

I don’t know why I am unpacking my bag, it’s going to have to be packed back up again within the next few days so that we can come back to London, Sky studios and do all over again.

Spk soon
Take Care and Stay Lucky guys

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