Life on the Poker Road …

Having got back from Vegas about 2 weeks ago, life has never been so hectic. Filming of the Poker Million started straight away so it was full steam ahead. To-ing and fro-ing from London isn’t fun, especially as the roads works are never ending. I am convinced that after the motorway has been widened they will find something else to close off lanes and keep the average speed cameras there LOL.

To make up for all the awful traveling, its nice to see all my friends from the Ladbrokes Poker Team, normally propping up the bar at the Paddington Casino LOL. Only joking guys 🙂 I will normally see other familiar faces from the poker circuit “family”. Its so nice to see everyone, they have become more then just friends in such a short space of time.

Poker Million heat on the first week and then the Semi the week after, so that’s 2 weeks gone already. I haven’t really spent hardly any time at home. I am convinced that my family has forgotten what I look like. In between the trips to London, the minuscule amount of time I have spent at home has felt like I have been in the way, getting looks of “who are you? and get outta my way” LOL.

Ok, so, Poker Million stuff has been sorted. I am very aware that the Party Poker Women’s Open heat is coming up. In preparation, I successfully play a few short handed online STTs. The Gala Casino is another idea, it’s in the town I live in but I have never been there. I know why its not so popular now, 20% admin fee!! WHAT ??!?!! I enter a £50 tourney which costs me £60!!. It’s not too bad because, OMG, I am grinning all over when I come away with a tidy sum 😀

I get heads-up and the guy has a few more chips then me. He asks if we can chop, well, how can I say no LOL

How did I end my last post?? Something along the lines of Upwards and Onwards – I really hope so 🙂

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