PMVI Semi Final

Back on the motorway to London, this time for the Semi Final of the Poker Million VI. It’s only a week since the heats and it seems like we haven’t spent any time at home since we got back from Vegas. Hectic is the only way to describe the last 2 weeks.

We get to the Paddington Hilton and it seems like it’s a home away from home LOL. Seems like we have been here so many times that the doorman actually remembers us! LOL
We check in and then go to the Casino and see some familiar faces that we regard as an extension to our family : ) It’s so nice to see them all again.

First, I see Nigel propping up the bar, there are some poker players too, they are playing in a heat tomorrow morning, and some that are in the afternoon Semi. I say hello to Marty Smyth, he is such a nice guy, as is his girlfriend Karen. She isn’t with him this time; she had to stay in Ireland. That’s a shame because she is very good company.
It’s the first time Raj and I are meeting Liam Flood, but as all the others, he seems to be a real decent chap.
JaffaCake (Jeff Kimber) and Roy the Boy Brindley both turn up too, together with Jesse May, Marty Wilson and few of the others, back from the studio after a long hard day.

Jesse is so funny, always giggling, but I am sure it takes it out of him with such full days.

After dinner, everyone just dispersed to either go to bed or go out on the town. Raj and I decided to have an early night so that he could catch up on some much needed sleep. He’s been working since we got back from Vegas and so has been trailing the motorway everyday – I’m sure it’s not healthy …

The day begins early because neither of us could sleep. We go and get some breakfast and decide to go out for a stroll. London is buzzing as usual. I love this place, it’s always so warm. All the shops are always so inviting, no surprise there LOL

We need to get back by 1pm I tell Raj, I know, I just want to get a falafel before I have to go to the studio.

We get back and meet Marios and Liam Flood in the foyer. Apparently, we are waiting on Neil Channing, Julian Gardner, Ray Vyze and Marty Smyth. This is the line up for the first semi.

Once everyone is present, we pile onto the bus and get to the studio about 40 minutes later. Raj is dragged off, as usual, and that’s the last I see of him until he comes out.

In the green room, and there is still no tea or coffee, did I really expect any different, it’s the same every time LOL

In the green room, the TV is on and I see the latter part of the heads up against Howard Leaderer and Alan Smurfit. So, Howard is in the 2nd Semi then !!!

Waiting around the green room is not fun, infact it’s probably the most boring part of the whole experience. Raj’s friend Chris turns up and so does my brother. All the supporters are present now, so hope it doesn’t take too much longer to start.

Oh no, Raj is the first to be knocked out. In the green room, we can see everything that will be televised, so we get to see the cards and sometimes it is so heart breaking 🙁

We see Raj playing 4 hands and even though he is playing well, his opponent is just slightly ahead. Poker Million V Champ has been knocked out first and I am totally and utterly gutted. If I feel like this then he must be feeling so much more worse.

He so wanted to defend his title on the final table, but it wasn’t to be. Nevermind, there’s always next year. Understandably, saying that doesn’t help at all.

But … onwards and upwards, we have got the GUKPT in Luton next week 🙂

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