Gala is the place to go – for me !!

I had always traveled to Birmingham or Luton to play a live game of poker, so recently I thought I’d give the local casino in Northampton ago and see what was happening.
I had never even visited the Gala Casino in Northampton so I was pleasantly surprised that it had a proper poker room. It has round tables so each table will only fit 8 players, but I suppose that having these tables is a space saver and in actual fact there is room for more player then there would be if it was all decked out with kidney tables. Another advantage of the round tables is, when sat down it is possible to see all the players at the table and the dealer hides no one LOL

Upon deciding that I wanted to play more live poker, it was great to find a good structure at the Gala. The £50 freeze out and the £30 double chance are fantastic. Start with 4000 chips (2000 with the double chance but you can get all your chips (4000) to start with if you prefer) with half hour blinds. The blinds go up more then expected but the game is finished within 4 to 4½ hours. It doesn’t turn into a crap shoot so it’s a fantastic way to practice for bigger events.

On my very first visit I ended up heads up and we decided to chop it. I walked away with £585 for a £50 buy in. Result!
The second time I went I came 3rd. I think I like my local casino 😀
Only thing I didn’t like about the Gala was the fact that the admin fee is so steep, 20% !! But I suppose after cashing 100% of times in my first 2 visits I cant moan too much LOL

One thought on “Gala is the place to go – for me !!

  1. Hi Hina,

    What a great result! Hopefully I’ll join you sometime……i keep saying it but hopefully will one day.

    Let me know the next time your in brummie land.

    Take Care


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