What’s Happening in the Girlies Poker World?

The BetFred Women’s Poker Tour is in full swing right now, with 4 out of 6 legs already played and only 2 more left for a chance to win a place in the grand final due to be played in December. With only 2 more chances left, all the ladies will be fighting to get 1st place at either Sheffield (27 Oct 07) or Birmingham (17 Nov 07) to guarantee a place on the final table. The 2 other seats will be filled by the players who have gained the most points throughout the length of the competition which started in Stoke on 23 June 2007.

The buy-in being a reasonable £100 has opened the doors to more ladies who might otherwise think that most tournament buy-ins are a little to steep for their purses. Its a long day as play starts at 3pm and ends 12 hours later with a chip count if there is no outright winner.

The victorious ladies of each leg so far are:
Sue Adams – Stoke
Vicki McKay – London
Samantha Grayson – Newcastle
Dawn Wood in Reading

I am going to be trying my chances to get to that final table myself and am hoping to play at the last 2 venues. The Grand Final promises to be an exciting day which I would love to be involved in and the prize is nothing to be sneered at. With BetFred offering a £20,000 year long sponsorship deal for the eventual winner, all the ladies will be eyeing each other up for as many tells as they can find, no doubt, hiding behind their shades and trying to bag everyone’s chips.

Watch this space to find out the winner of this fantastic tournament.

Pages of Memories

You’ve got all those pictures hidden away in drawers, take them all out, sort through them and pick out your favourites. Start putting a Scrapbook together and you will be amazed at how memories come flooding back. Enjoy it, its so much fun Smile

Here’s a few samples and some pages of my own . . .

angel-eyes.JPGSo Sweet …

dancing-queen.JPGDancing Queen Wink

first-gig.JPGSinging Sensation

birthday-girl.JPGHappy Birthday to you …

eat-cake.JPGHappy Birthday to you, yum cake !!!

snow-days.JPG Snow Day, woo hoo Cool

blue-winter.JPGOooo, its so cold brrrr

snow-dogs.JPGSnow Dogs? or bunnies Laughing Out Loud

Little Pieces of Inspiration…

I thought I would upload a few images of cards for you crafting guys out there. I hope you like what you see and they inspire you in some way 🙂

balloons1.JPGBe Happy With Balloons Big Grin

3-flowers1.JPGFlowers in a Row

blue-tag1.JPGBlue Tag Card

bon-voyage1.JPGGoing on a Holiday ??

Well then … Pack your Bags!!


butterfly1.JPGTo My Bestest Mate


dotty-heart1.JPGSpotty Dottyness

embossed-flowers1.JPGPurple Flower Fever

flower-vase1.JPGI Got these from the Garden for you …

flowers31.JPG& I Got this one from the Garden Centre for you Laughing Out Loud

Thank you, Thank you so much


groovy-girl1.JPGGroovy Bag

indian-wedding1.JPGHey Nelly, follow me …

mis-shape1.JPGGet “In Shape”

To My Ma


Crafting Madness …

Since I last updated the craft blog I have been doing loads.

Issue 9 on Lets Make Cards is now out and it features some of the projects that did using the kit. I am really pleased with the cards; they look fantastic after being photographed by a professional. Why don’t the pictures I take look like that? LOL. Hope you guys are going to buy a copy, if you do, don’t forget to leave me a comment, would love to know what you think. I have now designed some projects for issue 11 too, that issue should be out in November, so don’t forget to buy it 😀

I recently went over to Peterborough. Donna, the editor of the Create & Craft Online Magazine, asked me for further projects to be featured in the next couple of issues. I love going over there. The guys are so friendly and Hugh, the camera man is great. He is so good at putting me at my ease and together we manage to establish the best way to tackle each project for filming. I am still a newbie and really appreciate Hugh’s help.

The date for workshop I am teaching at Stamp Addicts is getting closer. It’s on the 27th Oct 07. You can still sign up to it !! 🙂 If you want to all you need to do is go to the Stamp Addicts website or call them. The link is under the Crafting Links.
If I don’t see you there I will let you know how it goes 😉

The Coleman’s workshops are all going really well. I had a class of 16 yesterday. OMG, that was a challenge, but so much fun. I surprised myself by getting around to everyone at the different stages of the workshop. It was a ladies only class, come on you crafting men, I know you’re out there!!
Well, all the ladies seemed very happy as they left and seemed to have enjoyed themselves. Some of them also mentioned that they would be making more cards like the ones we had made in the workshop. Hopefully a success 🙂

Well, I think that’s it for now, til next time,
Happy Crafting guys,