Stamparama Show

I was over in Stevenage yesterday and had a great time. It was my first time at the Stamparama show and I reckon it’s well worth a visit. A little cosier then the big craft shows but if you don’t like the idea of fighting the crowds it’s a definitely a good choice. Although there were a lot of people, it seemed more of a steady flow, which one lady told me was easier to cope with then the heaving crowds at places like the NEC for her. There were a lot more people then I presumed there would be as it was Mother’s Day too !! Hope you sent those flowers 🙂

I was demonstrating on the Stamp Addicts stand, who organise the show twice a year. With gadgets, papers and stamps galore, amongst other fab crafting goodies, it could be said that it was a paradise, well, that’s what I would say 😀

I met some lovely crafters, at the show. Some new faces and some faces that I recognised from other shows and workshops. I will be waiting eagerly for pictures of the projects you promised girls 😀

Well, its nearly time for the NEC Hobby & Crafts show, only a little more then a week to go. I suppose I had better start preparing. It has been a hectic few weeks and it will be for a few more.

Watch out for the Create & Craft Pick of the Week, to be aired on Sunday 9th March 08 at 4pm on Sky channel 661. I did manage to find out that this channel is not available on cable so, sorry guys if you don’t have sky. However, I will be doing a live show of the Pick of the Week on Monday 10th March 08 on both Create & Craft and Ideal World Channels (simultaneously). This will be on at 6pm, so no excuses LOL.

With other shows in the pipeline, workshops, shows and magazines, there’s not much time to get bored. Well, its off to make some more samples 🙂 You know I love it LOL.

Promise to update the gallery soon with some new bits and bobs …

Well, guys, come and see me at the Stamp Addicts stand if you manage to get to the NEC. Would be lovely to have a chat with you 🙂
Til’ then …


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