Hints & Tips: Direct-to-Paper

Direct to Paper Techniques with Ink-pads

Edging Paper and Card

Just by stroking the edge of your paper or card with an ink-pad creates a second mat without actually matting. This makes such a subtle that it won’t be noticeable until you place it on another piece of paper or card. Make sure that it is dry before doing this as you may end up with smudges.

Doing this after tearing an edge is very effective too.

Distressed Paper

Before using any inks crumple your paper up into a ball and then open up and and smooth the paper down. Flatten as much as possible if yo want to achieve a subtle effect or leave more raised areas if you want to achieve a very distressed look. Stroke an ink-pad across the entire page and the raised areas will pick up the ink. Once dry, flatten as much as possible before using.

For any technique, its probably a good idea to test on a piece of paper if possible, this will give you an idea of what the final result will look like. The last thing you want is a big sheet of paper that you don’t like the look of. LOL Laughing Out Loud

Shaped Ink-pads

inkers.gif There are so many different shaped ink-pads on the market, like small square, large square, round, tear-drop, triangle petal shapes and probably many more.

Use these directly onto you paper or card. For example, with the petal shaped, make a flower, make small circles with the round to form a background. Do this with the square too !!

petalpoint1.gif The possibilities are endless, have a go and you might end up falling in love with a technique that you cant live without

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