Hints & Tips: Outline Stickers & Glues

Outline stickers

These are self adhesive messages, letters and images are available in a variety of colours. They can be used on various surfaces including card, paper, photographs, acetate, etc.

They can be used as a finishing accent by using a border and/or message sticker.

Once stuck, the images can be coloured in using pencils, pens or felt-tips. They are ideal on acetate on an aperture card as the reverse of the stickers are very acceptable.

These stickers can be used as templates using chalks or inks to make a background paper for your project.

Take two or more sheets of the same image but different in colour. Take the outline of one of the images in one colour and fill in the gaps using the “waste” from the other coloured sheets. This is a lovely effect and you will be using up a lot of what you might otherwise throw away.

Try using an outline sticker the same colour as your card this will give an embossed effect that looks very sophisticated, especially gold on gold mirri card or silver on silver mirri card.

It is possible to colour your stickers using permanent marker pens. You can use over-head projector pens, CD pens or there are specially designed pens available in a variety of colours. The stickers can also be coloured using a permanent ink-pad and a sponge.

The best method of peeling the stickers away from their backing sheet is by using a pair of tweezers or a piercing tool.

When using a large sticker, place it upside-down on a flat surface and leave for a few seconds so that it regains its shape. Then place the card onto it so that it sticks without losing its shape again.

Stickers are an ideal way to secure vellum to a project as the vellum will show any glue beneath it.


  • PVA – This is an all round glue which sticks most materials, the type of glue we remember from school Laughing Out Loud
  • Tacky Glue – A veriety of PVA which is tackier than regular PVA. It will give a quicker bond.
  • Stick Glue – Ideal for scrapbooking as it is repositionable until dry. It won’t wrinkle paper and not as messy as wet glue. Also available acid free.
  • Artists Institute Dries Clear and Dries White – These glues are fantastic for loose glitter projects, especially if using the ultra-fine glitters. Giving different effects when using the dries white or clear, choose the one that best suits your project. For example, if using on card, either will be fine, but if using on acetate the the dries clear is the best.
  • Glitter Glue – Available in so many colours, they give a 3D effect to cards and papercraft projects. They can be bought in big containers, but I would recommend the smaller ones as they will be easier to direct to the places where you want them. Ideal just to accent so a small amount goes a long way.
  • Glue Dots – Ideal for scrap booking, decoupage etc. Gives a 3D effect to cards.
  • Double Sided Tape – Suitable for card making and children’s craft projects. Gives an instant result and leaves no mess. Sticks paper, card, foam etc.
  • Sticky Fixers or 3d Foam Pads- Double sided adhesive, available in pads or rolls. Ideal for shaker cards and mounting materials to give a 3D effect.
  • Fabric glue – Ideal for fabrics where finished product will require washing.

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