I’ll be back on your screen on Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday =)

Sometimes I wonder how my life got so busy, cannot believe how much I have been running around recently!!

Well, I have been over to Peterborough again, to do a Create & Craft pre-recording of another Pick of the Week Cool It’s due to be aired on Sky channel 661, the first show is on Sunday 6th April 08 at 4pm and the show is called Be Creative, Pick of the Week. If you can’t catch that show, watch out for airings throughout the week at various times, it will be broadcast while stocks last. I have been asked by many friends, relatives and crafters which cable/freeview channel Create & Craft is on, I am afraid to tell you that it isn’t available

I have been thinking about uploading all the show samples onto the website so that you are able to see the cards properly. I will do this but am not able to until the first airing of the show. So watch this space …

Besides the Pick of the Week prep, I have been sorting out samples for the Pick of the Day soon. This will be live on Tuesday 8th April 08 at 9pm, with a further 5 live shows at Midnight, 10am, 1pm, 4pm & 7pm the next day on the 9th April 08. If you do get a chance to watch let me know what you think, I would love to know.

Other then the TV stuff, I have been busy running workshops and meeting you lovely people, sorting out projects for Lets Get Crafting and organising my diary as it seems to be getting a little full over weekends. I having been putting in dates for TrimCraft Demonstrations at various locations. I will be uploading these dates soon so if I am in your area, please come and say hello.

I think that’s about it, I am off to think about what I want for my birthday on Monday, I feel a spending spree coming LOL

Happy Crafting guys Big Grin

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