Had a great day at the weekend

I had a great day out on Saturday with Lynsey, we went to Stow on the Wold and Bourton on the Water as planned, but then ended up in Milton Keynes for a Spanish meal LOL.

Stow was surprisingly quiet for a Saturday but it was nice to sit and chat without too much noise. We went to few shops and had some lunch. There were loads of antiques shops but I dont think I would have bought anything as most it looked way over my budget LOL

Lynsey’s sunglasses were murdered on the day, she dropped them and I managed to tread on them, the timing was perfect LOL.

ducks.JPGAfter having a bit of lunch we went off to Bourton on the Water to visit the Christmas Shop where the smell was so festive as you walked in. Its very surreal when its blazing sunshine as you walk into a room that smells like Christmas LOL – maybe thats what it feels like when itsbridge.JPG Christmas in Australia 😀

Well, we spent the rest of the day there in one of the pubs at the water’s edge and then sat on the grass watching the ducks bobbing on the water. Then to end it all drove off to Milton Keynes for a great meal where Lynsey’s handbag got drenched with red wine – tell you what, if any of her things could talk they would be saying “if you’re ever going with Hina again – leave us behind” 😀

Hope to visit there again soon on an equally beautiful day ….

A few more pics ..,

house.JPGJust off to the country manor for the weekend 😀 I wish LOL

Lynsey doing a bit of commercial modelling for McCoy LOL linz4.JPGand her other job, as a shoe model 😀


One thought on “Had a great day at the weekend

  1. That sure was a great day but I am still waiting for my bauble!! We were thinking about going on the snow slope at MK were we not..maybe after that days antics we should give that a miss, we would either end up wrecking the place or ending up in traction I think haha!

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