Room 11 is now in Room 101

As you know I used to have a proper job a while ago. I used to work in the IT world. I really miss the guys I worked with and so it was great to see some of them on Friday night. Trevor, the boss man of Room 11, had sorted out a kind of reunion, it’s a good job he did it as it wouldn’t have happened otherwise … So, thank you Trev 😀

We all used to work together in Room 11 of our building. It was a tight squeeze of at least 10 techies in one room with Trev and his assistant (Lynsey then Jen). A new manager came with an evil plot. He disbanded our team and we ended up scattered between 2 sites. At this point, some of us decided to leave as we were really unhappy, we missed each other and it wasn’t the same.

I hadn’t seen some of the guys for over a year and a lot has happened since then …. to all of us. New jobs, new news and much more. Congratulations to Jen, she passed her driving test, on her first go too !!!

We all missed a few of the guys, who didn’t turn up, it was the normal work phone call scenario, “I’m really not well, got a bad back….. got man flu…. ” You know who you are guys, it’s not 0n LOL. Next time eh?

Anyways, I thought I would entertain my blog readers by uploading a picture of all our ugly mugs 😀


Back – left to right – Bing, Jen, James (Jim E Ruff), the boss man – Trev

Front – left to right – Tariq, Kristel, Me and Lynsey 😀

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