Phew … put my feet up now =D

My word, what a hectic weekend.

After a manic morning, I got myself, everyone at home and ‘stuff’ sorted and left the house setting off for the Studio in Peterborough. I hadn’t got further then a mile when I discovered that the main road I needed to travel on, was closed !!!! Ahhhhh, why why why??? Well, I had to laugh, because if I didn’t then I really would be crying after the last few days I had. 😆

Well, after a massive detour and traffic jams galore, I eventually got to the Studio. I met with Stephaine Weightman and the producer of the shows featuring the 4 Day Deal and we got ready for the launch.

I absolutely love working with Stephanie and I can say this even though I have only worked with her on 2 occasions so far. She is so genuine, accommodating and warm. She has given me so much great advice and has gone out of her way for me which I am really grateful for. She is an incredibly busy lady and her to take that time out for me, well …. I don’t even have words. Thank you Stephanie.

Well, anyway, the 4 Day Deal went well and I enjoyed the time on air with Stephanie. I spent the next whole day with Nigel May- my most favourite presenter (and buddy) 😀

Had another great day, I hope you guys watched Razzberry because Nigel, the Crew and I had such a laugh 😆 Next time I think I might take my camera and get the floor manager to take a few shots of ‘behind the scenes’.

It’s a lovely team of people at Ideal World/Create & Craft. Thank you guys for making life a laugh Cool

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