Poker at the Paces’





Last night Bev & Norman Pace had invited us and a whole host of poker friends around for a house game. We would all be playing for the Pace Poker Cup, previously won by Grub Smith, Kayla Kalmar and Jon Kalmar (5th in the WSOP main event 2007!). We picked up our friend Sam on the way and got to the Paces’ fashionably late after battling the London traffic, should have known to leave a bit earlier 😆

We were greeted by Norman, Bev, their lovely children and the cutie dogs; it was so nice to see them all again Big Grin. It was also great to see our other friends, most of who we had not seen for a long time. Once we had all got a chance to greet each other, mingle and fill out glasses, which was very important, the game got started.

With 37 runners, professional and semi-professional amongst them, it was a tough circuit. The likes of Paul ‘Action Jack’ Jackson, Jon Kalmar, Raj Modha, Shelley Rubinstein, Jen Mason, Kara Scott and the hostess herself – Bev Pace, to name but a few, it was not going to be an easy game.

Thankfully, I was not seated at the same table as Raj, as this, knowing from previous experience, would not have been good. I was in the study, with the lovely Liam Pace dealing. The game was slow to begin with and the first break came after an hour, at the end of level 3 At this point we were all still in !! I decided that I would just play tight and wait.

After the break and the blinds getting higher, we began to see casualties. With 24 left I was the chip leader so I decided only to play premium hands. After taking out our dealer with J7 off 😆 my biggest achievement of the night came when I took out Jon Kalmar, last year’s champion!!

As the night went on, Raj, Sam and I made it to the final table of 10, Action Jack and his son had also made it through, these were 2 players to be weary of …

The game continued and the Jackson duo were taken out by Raj. So then there were 4. I took out Sam who placed 4th and Jamie, a young lad of 19 went in 3rd, leaving Raj and I heads-up. This is what I had wished for all night Cool. Knowing that it would not continue for much longer, the aggression in both of us came out. Raj raised big with his K4, I went all-in with my KQ which was instantly called. With a gasp of “OH NO” after seeing my hand, I claimed the Pace Poker Cup and was hailed the 2008 champion 😀

We will do it all again next year when I defend my title and hope for a repeat of 2008. Woo hoo !!! 😆



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