I’m back =)

The new Aspers Casino opened in Northampton in June and they had their first poker tournament last night.

Well, of course I had to go and have a look and see what the place was like. Quite an impressive place really, plush and luxurious. The tables are spaced really well, so there is plenty of walking space, I expect this will change if the place is popular.

The card room is excellent, the tables are lovely with padded rails, so no danger of the dealer flicking the cards over the edge and calling a misdeal when you have aces 😆

The tourney last night was a £50 freezeout with 43 runners. I did expect there to be more, but they haven’t really advertised the place, I didn’t even know it was open 😆

The structure was good, 5000 starting chips and 30 minute blinds. I got off to a good start, increasing my stack to double in the first 2 levels, but then went card dead. I hung in there, trying to keep myself afloat by stealing a few pots and my stack yoyo-ed. I was down to 3k at one point when the average was about 10k. I managed to double up a few times winning my races and stole a few pots here and there playing position and eventually ended up at the table with only 3 left.

We decided to chop it 3 ways, with the chip leader taking £610 and, as me and the other guy were evenly stacked, we both took away £500 each. What a result 😀

I hadn’t played for a while so it was a great boost, least I know I’ve still got it 😆

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