OMG, It’s that time again, ALREADY!!

I must be getting really old. I can’t believe how quickly time goes by, I am on the box again tomorrow morning, on Ideal World, with a Christmas kit!!

I, like a lot of people, hate going into a store in the middle of September and seeing a Christmas display, but with Card Making you really do need to start early. Especially, if you make to sell or give everyone you know handmade cards. It all takes time.

I must say, I haven’t made a start on my Christmas Cards, but I think this has spurred me on. Once I have put the show to bed I am going to have to start making my own cards, as there are a hundred and one ideas running around in my head. I will end up making a huge mess again 😆

For my christmas cards all the glitter, metallic card and everything else shiny that I can find comes out of my craft store. Love it, love it. But it still feels early – I will have to get some tinsel out and drape it over my crafting table 😆

Hope you can join me tomorrow on the show, if you do, send in an email – would be great to hear from you.


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