Sneaky show and one more =)

I wonder if anyone noticed that I sneaked into the Create & Craft studio and did a show last Saturday… I was asked to fill in, late minute, to do the 4 day deal show, which incidentally sold out within 25 minutes of being on air so that was cool !! I had a great afternoon with Howard, I was stopped mid-demo because of the sell out and we ended up doing the rest of the show as an extravaganza 😆

I do have a scheduled show on Monday, it’s another Iris Folding show, the last one was very popular and did sell out ater the show finished. There will be new designs on the upcoming one, so if Iris Folding is your thing, be sure to tune in to Create & Craft/Ideal World at 9am on Monday 25th Aug 08.

Hope you enjoy the show, let me know what you think 😀

Craft Day on Ideal World

I must apologise for being really late with my updates. I have been running around like a headless chicken for the last couple of weeks, nothing new there then 😆

I thought I would let you know that it is Craft Day on Ideal World channel (Sky 644, Freeview 22). It starts at 9pm tonight so you can look forward to 24 hours of crafting with free P&P !!! Ideal time to buy all the materials you need.

I will be there for the duration with the Pick of the Day, I am pleased to say. I can’t really say what it is but, but if you like fairies and flowers, it’s a must see 😀

There’s a few other bits that I am working on, which are still in the pipeline, so if you love craft, watch this space regularly and you might find something that interests you in the near future. It’s a shame things have to be so hush hush, but I am afriad I am sworn to secrecy 😆 Promise it won’t be to too long before I spill the beans …

Anyways, got heaps to sort out before I traipse over to Perterborough. So, until next time …

Iris folding show

I am really looking forward to doing the show tonight on Ideal World, even though it’s on at 11pm !!! It is an Iris folding show and there are some fab products with bargain prices to get you all set for Christmas. I’m not sure which presenter I will be working with, so it will be a surprise for me as well as you 😆

I can’t say that I am an expert at Iris folding, but it is so easy, so much fun and gives stunning results. Normally kits come with a templates so the hard work is done for you in terms of how to line up your papers. However, it is really easy to make your own templates so you can vary your results. This is something which you will see on the show tonight as I have made my own project templates for some of the cards. Usually the aim of iris folding is to do a pattern that spirals inwards so that it looks like the iris of a camera, hence the name of the craft, but it you want other effects, think a little more about other types of patterns, like stripes.

Strips of paper are needed and the best type of paper I have found is pearl paper, just because of the sheen, it looks beautiful. Again, don’t be limited, use any paper you have and cut your own strips, small patterns on the paper look lovely and if you don’t have any then stamp your own designs !!

All crafting is about imagination and improvisation, so have a go and see you what you come up with 😀

Have fun guys and if you happen to tune in to the show, I know it’s late, send in an email so I know you’re out there 😆