Sneaky show and one more =)

I wonder if anyone noticed that I sneaked into the Create & Craft studio and did a show last Saturday… I was asked to fill in, late minute, to do the 4 day deal show, which incidentally sold out within 25 minutes of being on air so that was cool !! I had a great afternoon with Howard, I was stopped mid-demo because of the sell out and we ended up doing the rest of the show as an extravaganza 😆

I do have a scheduled show on Monday, it’s another Iris Folding show, the last one was very popular and did sell out ater the show finished. There will be new designs on the upcoming one, so if Iris Folding is your thing, be sure to tune in to Create & Craft/Ideal World at 9am on Monday 25th Aug 08.

Hope you enjoy the show, let me know what you think 😀

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