Been to Wales and now back to work =)

I thought I would inform you that I have a few shows coming up this weekend on Create & Craft and Ideal World channels. I am doing an Event Special for the Craft Weekend so I hope you get to catch one of the shows – its well worth a watch as the products are fab … think Victorian 😀

Show times are:

  • Sat 25th Oct, 9am and 10pm
  • Sun 26th Oct, 9am, 10pm and 11pm
  • Mon 27th Oct, 3pm

The 9am Sat show has fairies and floral products and the 11pm show on Sun is Iris Folding. I am going to be a busy girl over the weekend and am frantically sorting out samples and demos this week.

I had a bit of a break and went to South West Wales last week with my buddy Linz, Once this weekend is over I will be uploading some of the beautiful photos we took. We had an eventful week so I’ll tell you what we got up to.

Well, til then … Happy Crafting and Stay Lucky x

Where has the sun gone??

After all the rain we had a little while ago, I thought we would see the sunshine again, but alas, no such luck. It has been miserable, rain, wind, a little peek of sun and then rain again !! It’s just not right.

I am now hoping for a beautiful October & November with the run up to CHRISTMAS !!! – there I said it.I just can’t believe how quickly life is just floating by. That must mean that I am getting old, very fast 😆

I remember when the summer holidays used to last for, ooo, at least 3 months, well, that’s what it felt like. But, now six weeks just flies by in the blink of an eye. I used to plan great stuff to do during the school holidays, whereas now, my mind is occupied with deadlines, craft projects and more deadlines 😆 Its all fun but I still need to fit in the long term plans I had for my life, like explore the Andes, see the Amazon Forest and visit the penguins in Antarctica. I’m sure I will get around to it soon 😀

Anyway, I needed to let you know that I have a scheduled show on Create & Craft/Ideal World on the 8th Oct 08 at 6pm. Hope some of you guys can catch it. It’s not iris folding this time, I can’t tell you what, but it’s worth a watch 🙂

I’ll be uploading some of the Decoupage and Iris Folding cards within the next day or two, so watch out for those …

Til then ..

Happy Crafting 😀