Apologetic Post =D

I know, I know, it’s been so sooo long since my last update and I apologise profusely.

I have been busy making kits and bits and pieces for a craft company and have been learning so much doing it. I didn’t think I knew anything about graphics but I can truly say I have actually amazed myself 😆 You will see some of my work on a TV channel near you soon, but I will give you details once I know. Unfortunately, I won’t be demoing them myself, but hope to be doing in-store demos using the products.

As some of you already know I design for Let’s Make Cards and Let’s Get Crafting magazines and if you do buy or subscribe to them, (which really is the best way to go) you will have noticed that I am still actively contributing to them. If you haven’t seen them, then you can pick up your copy at the local supermarket or WH Smith’s. Come on, you know you want to 😆

Apart from crafting, I have been indulging in my other passion, Poker 😀

I went to Kent at the weekend to defend my title to retain the Pace Poker Trophy, but alas, it wasn’t to be. I had a great time though. Instead of cash prizes, all the proceeds went to the Meningitis Research Foundation which is a really worthwhile cause and I have been told that £20K was raised !!! Brilliant. All the prizes had been donated and there were some really good one, but my Poker face didnt seem to work on Saturday 🙁

The lovely Mr and Mrs Pace hosted the evening at their home and it was so nice to see them, Holly, Charlie and not forgetting Tippex and Cookie, the 2 chocy labs 🙂 However, I did miss Liam 🙁

It was great to catch up with mates I hadn’t seen for a long time and having the opportunity to meet and make new friends was fab. I hope to see them all again soon.

I am hoping to win back the trophy at some point again, so watch this space haha