Apologetic Post =D

I know, I know, it’s been so sooo long since my last update and I apologise profusely.

I have been busy making kits and bits and pieces for a craft company and have been learning so much doing it. I didn’t think I knew anything about graphics but I can truly say I have actually amazed myself 😆 You will see some of my work on a TV channel near you soon, but I will give you details once I know. Unfortunately, I won’t be demoing them myself, but hope to be doing in-store demos using the products.

As some of you already know I design for Let’s Make Cards and Let’s Get Crafting magazines and if you do buy or subscribe to them, (which really is the best way to go) you will have noticed that I am still actively contributing to them. If you haven’t seen them, then you can pick up your copy at the local supermarket or WH Smith’s. Come on, you know you want to 😆

Apart from crafting, I have been indulging in my other passion, Poker 😀

I went to Kent at the weekend to defend my title to retain the Pace Poker Trophy, but alas, it wasn’t to be. I had a great time though. Instead of cash prizes, all the proceeds went to the Meningitis Research Foundation which is a really worthwhile cause and I have been told that £20K was raised !!! Brilliant. All the prizes had been donated and there were some really good one, but my Poker face didnt seem to work on Saturday 🙁

The lovely Mr and Mrs Pace hosted the evening at their home and it was so nice to see them, Holly, Charlie and not forgetting Tippex and Cookie, the 2 chocy labs 🙂 However, I did miss Liam 🙁

It was great to catch up with mates I hadn’t seen for a long time and having the opportunity to meet and make new friends was fab. I hope to see them all again soon.

I am hoping to win back the trophy at some point again, so watch this space haha    

Olympia Pics

I have finally got around to uploading some pictures of the Olympia show that I was at last month.

It was buzzing with activity and everyone kept me really busy with the make & takes and what a happy bunch you all were 🙂

Rachel, Ros and I had a great time, well, I did anyway 😆 We were lucky enough to be using some of the great tools from the Fiskars range and here’s samples of what we made:

One of the cards I did

This is a card using the Fingertip Swivel Knife, the Scallop Border Punch and a stamp from the new Fiskars Spring set and of course the mini Easy Stamp Press.

Box and Card that Rachel designed for the Make & Takes

Rachel made these fantastic boxes using the Shape Cutter Plus and Box Template, decorating with the Mini ShapeBoss and the Squeeze Punches. She came up with the cards using the Shape Cutter Plus and Punches too – I love them …

Ros’s Chickadee Mobile – just in time for Easter – so cute 😀

These really cute mobiles were made using the Shape Cutter Plus and Heart Templates, Ros suggested that one chick can be made and mounted onto a card for the ideal Easter card, how sweet 🙂

We are all working so hard … it’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it 🙂

I must say, and I think I speak for Rachel and Ros too, we all had a great time and can’t wait until next year to do it all over again 😆

Olympia is the place to be …

Now that the NEC Hobby and Crafts show is over its time to head to Olympia in London.

The Stitch and Craft show starts on Thursday 19th March ’09 and you can visit until Sunday the 22nd March. I love these 4 day shows, especially if you are lucky enough to be able to stay over. And, well, lets face who wouldn’t want to stay over in Kensington!! 😆

Apart from the beautiful wares that you will find at the show there is also a chanch to do some make and takes. You can join me and use some fantastic new tools from Fiskars AND make a card to take away in the process 🙂  The make and takes are free and will probably only take about half an hour so if you want to rest your feet for a while but not miss out on anything this is the perfect solution.

Even though I will be busy, I will try my hardest to take some pics of the show for the blog.

As before, please come and say hello if you do get a chance to go along, I would love to see you 🙂

Til next time …

Preps done and we’re on the move …

Right so, all the prep has been done and the NEC Hobby and Crafts show is starting in 2 days time!!! I hope you have all got your tickets 🙂

As I am with Fiskars doing workshops this time, I have been beavering away making up the samples of cards we will be making. It’s going to be so much fun. I have been using their newest tools and they’re so easy to use with fantastic results. There is so much scope with these. I feel really lucky to have been able to use them. And, you can too if you join in the workshops 😀 I’m not sure if you have to pre-book, so make sure you come to the Fiskars stall to find out.

I am hoping to have a walk about around the show in between workshops. I can’t wait to see what’s new. I expect there will be so many exciting things, I better hide the plastic. It’s hard when you’re weak 😆

Well, I better get on and start packing. Got loads to do before I leave tomorrow. I hope to see you all there. Have a fab time 🙂

All systems go … for the shows =)

Since all the trade shows are done and dusted, its all go again preping for the retail shows. I love them all, they are great from both angles, demonstrator or customer 🙂

I am looking forward to working with at the NEC Hobby & Crafts Show and the Stitch & Craft Show at Olympia. I will be using some of Fiskars newer tools, which I am really excited about, in workshops, so you can join in too 😉

If you are a gadget person like me, you will love some of the new Fiskars tools. Tools are definitely my weakness, I can’t even begin to start counting how many gadgets and tools I have stacked away on the shelves in my craft room. Actually, thinking about it, it’s quite shameful 😳

If you do fancy doing a workshop, please come along. I will be doing 4 workshops a day. These will be approx. an hour long and we will be making about 3 – 4 cards (hopefully 😉  )

So, if you quite like the thought of test running some Fiskars products before you buy, you can’t really pass up this opportunity. It’s also a great way of having a , much needed, sit down at the shows (and we all know how diffuicult that can be) and doing what we all love doing… Crafting !!

A couple of the new cool tools are, the 2 in 1 Corner & Border Punches, in various designs and the Finger Tip Swivel Knife. Now, if you’ve used the fingertip craft knife before, and loved it, as I did, then you will get incredibly excited about this new swivel version. So much potential for all your projects and so easy to use…

If you do get the time to go along to any of the shows, please come and say hello, it will be lovely to meet you 🙂

So, until then …

Happy Crafting

Same Ol’ Same Ol’

For a first time visitor to the CHA show in Anaheim, I was stunned by the size of the place. The Anaheim convention centre is a massive place and quite impressive with it’s glass walls and spectacular surroundings.

Just around the corner is Downtown Disney, another fab place to go and unwind after a full day of walking the halls, ideal area to put your achey feet up with a cocktail 😀  I boasts some great restaurants and bars, so a little more adult then Disneyland next door.

Downtown Disney & Disneyland in the evening

Its such a shame, I was so excited about the CHA and seeing new crafting gizmos, but unfortunately I didn’t see anything I hadn’t seen before. 

As we all know, America is far bigger with Scrapbooking when we are in the UK, so there were some fantastic papers, etc, but I was hoping to see some new gadgets and designs that I had never seen before. However, there were a few interesting bits. I think we will see a lot more printed acetate and textured papers. Fabrics seemed to be featured quite a bit in papercrafting projects, but then again, we have seen this before now. Swirls and flourishes are still very big, they were featured on nearly every design of paper, embellishment, etc in the vast halls that was the CHA show. It’s like a re-run or remake of a good film I suppose.

WIth regards to colours, the pallet is much the same as last years, what I would call “safe”, lots of muted shades, once again not really anything new. I am hoping that bright and vibrant will be around again soon.

Well, the European trade shows are in full swing right now so I am off to Birmingham NEC next week to see what Stitches has to offer. Hope to see some of you there. Til next time …


Off to Lala Land, Update coming soon …

Just thought I would let you guys know that I am off to LA to attend the CHA in Anaheim. This is a Craft and Hobby trade show on a humongous scale. I am so excited. Its nearly 11pm and I really should be tucked up in bed as I have a 4am start tomorrow 😆 Better set the alarm!! 😉

Well, I am hoping to get loads of news from the US of A to update you with the new trends that they are all seeing, so watch this space …

I’m off for a week so will be back in good ol’ Blighty next week.

Til then, Happy Crafting xxx

NEC showtime is here !!

Hi Guys

I know I haven’t managed to update the site with the Wales pics yet , but I promise to as soon as I am back from the NEC. Yes, it’s that time of the year ago when all will descend onto the NEC in Birmingham for a fun packed extravaganza of all things craft ! It’s well worth a visit as there is so much to see – there will be demos going on at pretty much every stall and I am sure that there will be many things that have never been seen. So, if you are looking for something new to do with your crafting, there is no danger that you will come away uninspired.

I have packed my suitcase and am off in a few minutes so please come and say hello if you are visiting. I will be with the Create & Craft guys with something a little different this time. I will be doing make n takes so book  your places as soon as you get in as they will be very limited.

So, until we meet, bub bye for now 😀

HobbtCrafts show at the NEC runs from Thurs 13th Nov until Sun 16th Nov. Tickets can be bought at the door.

Where has the sun gone??

After all the rain we had a little while ago, I thought we would see the sunshine again, but alas, no such luck. It has been miserable, rain, wind, a little peek of sun and then rain again !! It’s just not right.

I am now hoping for a beautiful October & November with the run up to CHRISTMAS !!! – there I said it.I just can’t believe how quickly life is just floating by. That must mean that I am getting old, very fast 😆

I remember when the summer holidays used to last for, ooo, at least 3 months, well, that’s what it felt like. But, now six weeks just flies by in the blink of an eye. I used to plan great stuff to do during the school holidays, whereas now, my mind is occupied with deadlines, craft projects and more deadlines 😆 Its all fun but I still need to fit in the long term plans I had for my life, like explore the Andes, see the Amazon Forest and visit the penguins in Antarctica. I’m sure I will get around to it soon 😀

Anyway, I needed to let you know that I have a scheduled show on Create & Craft/Ideal World on the 8th Oct 08 at 6pm. Hope some of you guys can catch it. It’s not iris folding this time, I can’t tell you what, but it’s worth a watch 🙂

I’ll be uploading some of the Decoupage and Iris Folding cards within the next day or two, so watch out for those …

Til then ..

Happy Crafting 😀

Show and Tell …

Its been a while since I updated and I thought that it might be nice to upload some pics of recent cards I have been making at demos. Using Paper Cellar products the cards haven’t turned out too bad 😀 Well, you can let me know if you agree or not 😆

On another note, please tune in on Sunday 28th Sept – I have a show at 9am which may interest you all. It is a multibuy bargain show, so get your pens to the ready…

If you have the time and live close enough, I will be demoing at Coleman’s Craft Warehouse in Rushden on Sat 27th Sept, come and say hello.

Hope to see some of you, til then …

Paper Cellar Cards :

A few ATCs