Show and Tell …

Its been a while since I updated and I thought that it might be nice to upload some pics of recent cards I have been making at demos. Using Paper Cellar products the cards haven’t turned out too bad 😀 Well, you can let me know if you agree or not 😆

On another note, please tune in on Sunday 28th Sept – I have a show at 9am which may interest you all. It is a multibuy bargain show, so get your pens to the ready…

If you have the time and live close enough, I will be demoing at Coleman’s Craft Warehouse in Rushden on Sat 27th Sept, come and say hello.

Hope to see some of you, til then …

Paper Cellar Cards :

A few ATCs

A few More Offerings …

Hey Guys

I thought I would upload a few more pics. I hope you like them and they inspire you to get to that crafting table
I would love to hear from you with your comments or even just general chat.

ATCFirst a little ATC just made from those bits and bobs that lie around…

A Few WaterFall Cards

Christmas Cat WaterfallFor Christmas

Birthday WaterfallFor Birthdays

Flower WaterfallOr Just Because

Have an Exploding Christmas

Joy Exploding BoxTo Bring Joy

SnowFlake Exploding Box& When the snowflakes start falling

Some Cards Using Chalks

Chalk HandbagA Handbag

Chalk TreeA Tree at Sunset

Chalked ButterflyA beautiful butterfly

How about an interactive card??

Slider CardTilt this Slider Card up and down and watch the flower roll around, it’s such a cool card 😀

Love Tag CardHow to say I love you … with a Tag Card of course… Its so easy 🙂

Great card for the summer time,

WindmillsI know a few people I could definitely give this Windmill Card to.

Ingenious folding techniques used to make this

Origami BookOrigami Fold Book

And here it is open …

Origami Book Open

Hope you have enjoyed seeing my creations 🙂
Happy Crafting guys

Pages of Memories

You’ve got all those pictures hidden away in drawers, take them all out, sort through them and pick out your favourites. Start putting a Scrapbook together and you will be amazed at how memories come flooding back. Enjoy it, its so much fun Smile

Here’s a few samples and some pages of my own . . .

angel-eyes.JPGSo Sweet …

dancing-queen.JPGDancing Queen Wink

first-gig.JPGSinging Sensation

birthday-girl.JPGHappy Birthday to you …

eat-cake.JPGHappy Birthday to you, yum cake !!!

snow-days.JPG Snow Day, woo hoo Cool

blue-winter.JPGOooo, its so cold brrrr

snow-dogs.JPGSnow Dogs? or bunnies Laughing Out Loud

Little Pieces of Inspiration…

I thought I would upload a few images of cards for you crafting guys out there. I hope you like what you see and they inspire you in some way 🙂

balloons1.JPGBe Happy With Balloons Big Grin

3-flowers1.JPGFlowers in a Row

blue-tag1.JPGBlue Tag Card

bon-voyage1.JPGGoing on a Holiday ??

Well then … Pack your Bags!!


butterfly1.JPGTo My Bestest Mate


dotty-heart1.JPGSpotty Dottyness

embossed-flowers1.JPGPurple Flower Fever

flower-vase1.JPGI Got these from the Garden for you …

flowers31.JPG& I Got this one from the Garden Centre for you Laughing Out Loud

Thank you, Thank you so much


groovy-girl1.JPGGroovy Bag

indian-wedding1.JPGHey Nelly, follow me …

mis-shape1.JPGGet “In Shape”

To My Ma