Sneaky show and one more =)

I wonder if anyone noticed that I sneaked into the Create & Craft studio and did a show last Saturday… I was asked to fill in, late minute, to do the 4 day deal show, which incidentally sold out within 25 minutes of being on air so that was cool !! I had a great afternoon with Howard, I was stopped mid-demo because of the sell out and we ended up doing the rest of the show as an extravaganza 😆

I do have a scheduled show on Monday, it’s another Iris Folding show, the last one was very popular and did sell out ater the show finished. There will be new designs on the upcoming one, so if Iris Folding is your thing, be sure to tune in to Create & Craft/Ideal World at 9am on Monday 25th Aug 08.

Hope you enjoy the show, let me know what you think 😀

Craft Day on Ideal World

I must apologise for being really late with my updates. I have been running around like a headless chicken for the last couple of weeks, nothing new there then 😆

I thought I would let you know that it is Craft Day on Ideal World channel (Sky 644, Freeview 22). It starts at 9pm tonight so you can look forward to 24 hours of crafting with free P&P !!! Ideal time to buy all the materials you need.

I will be there for the duration with the Pick of the Day, I am pleased to say. I can’t really say what it is but, but if you like fairies and flowers, it’s a must see 😀

There’s a few other bits that I am working on, which are still in the pipeline, so if you love craft, watch this space regularly and you might find something that interests you in the near future. It’s a shame things have to be so hush hush, but I am afriad I am sworn to secrecy 😆 Promise it won’t be to too long before I spill the beans …

Anyways, got heaps to sort out before I traipse over to Perterborough. So, until next time …

Iris folding show

I am really looking forward to doing the show tonight on Ideal World, even though it’s on at 11pm !!! It is an Iris folding show and there are some fab products with bargain prices to get you all set for Christmas. I’m not sure which presenter I will be working with, so it will be a surprise for me as well as you 😆

I can’t say that I am an expert at Iris folding, but it is so easy, so much fun and gives stunning results. Normally kits come with a templates so the hard work is done for you in terms of how to line up your papers. However, it is really easy to make your own templates so you can vary your results. This is something which you will see on the show tonight as I have made my own project templates for some of the cards. Usually the aim of iris folding is to do a pattern that spirals inwards so that it looks like the iris of a camera, hence the name of the craft, but it you want other effects, think a little more about other types of patterns, like stripes.

Strips of paper are needed and the best type of paper I have found is pearl paper, just because of the sheen, it looks beautiful. Again, don’t be limited, use any paper you have and cut your own strips, small patterns on the paper look lovely and if you don’t have any then stamp your own designs !!

All crafting is about imagination and improvisation, so have a go and see you what you come up with 😀

Have fun guys and if you happen to tune in to the show, I know it’s late, send in an email so I know you’re out there 😆

OMG, It’s that time again, ALREADY!!

I must be getting really old. I can’t believe how quickly time goes by, I am on the box again tomorrow morning, on Ideal World, with a Christmas kit!!

I, like a lot of people, hate going into a store in the middle of September and seeing a Christmas display, but with Card Making you really do need to start early. Especially, if you make to sell or give everyone you know handmade cards. It all takes time.

I must say, I haven’t made a start on my Christmas Cards, but I think this has spurred me on. Once I have put the show to bed I am going to have to start making my own cards, as there are a hundred and one ideas running around in my head. I will end up making a huge mess again 😆

For my christmas cards all the glitter, metallic card and everything else shiny that I can find comes out of my craft store. Love it, love it. But it still feels early – I will have to get some tinsel out and drape it over my crafting table 😆

Hope you can join me tomorrow on the show, if you do, send in an email – would be great to hear from you.


Quick Update …

Just thought I would quickly update on what’s happening, well, what’s going to happen 😀

Watch out for a live morning show on Ideal World and Create & Craft channels on 2nd July at 9am – going to be an early start for me, I have to be at the studio for 7am so set off from home at around 5.30 !!!

There’s another 1 hour show mid-July, I will update with details nearer the date.

I am also doing a Fiskars demo at The Range in Coventry soon, so if your around the area, pop in, its always lovely to see my crafting buds. This is booked for the 5th July, 10am – 4pm.

Finally, if you are one of my craft ladies that attend workshops in Chesham, I’ll be seeing you at Blue Haze on the 4th July, Independance Day 😉 No, hang on, wrong country 😆

We are booked to do black and white themed cards in the morning and Stamping & Embossing techniques in the afternoon.

What an Experience !!

I got back from the Create & craft Experience on Sunday night, wow, what an experience… A full weekend, actually even more, started on Friday with 200+ crafters descending on the Hilton Hotel, Birmingham NEC. What a sight that was, a pack of ladies (and a few gentlemen) with purple trolley totes, issued by Ideal World to every attendee, trying to get past each other in a mass of purple. With so many crafting bodies together the comradery and banter made everyone feel welcomed. even if they had arrived alone.

Once everyone had booked into their rooms, the evening’s entertainment started with dinner and a speech from Joanna Sheen. My goodness, what an interesting life she has had so far!! The first place she ever sold her pictures was Harrods !!!! Now, if that’s not an impressive start, I don’t know what is… She has been in the craft industry since 1979, so as you can imagine, she had a few stories to tell 😆

After dinner there was a huge gathering of people in the bar 😆 Once everyone realised they had a very long day ahead of them they decided to have a restful sleep to prepare.

Saturday was be a long day with 4 scheduled workshops, it was sheer hard work, a welcome break was lunch in between 😀 Half hour breaks between the workshops meant there was lots of shopping in the retails areas in between.

Using RedHotBed products I had planned to do 3 projects in 90 minute, I am very proud to say that everyone who attended my workshop finished them all ! I hope all enjoyed the workshops as much as I did 😀

It was a fun filled Saturday evening, the entertainment was a Family Fortunes style game show and the Craft Experts did terribly 😆 With a £100 worth of vouchers, EACH !!! up for grabs. to spend on the Create & Craft website, the competition was fierce. It was the Smarties group that eventually won and I bet they are all chuffed to bits with the extra spending money, well done guys 😀

Sunday’s workshops started at 9.30am prompt. After 2 workshops we broke for lunch and then after one more the weekend came to an end. 🙁

We all gathered in the big hall, where we had been having all our meals and entertainment and there was a speech to say thank you to everyone who had attended. I had a great time, and hope that I will be invited again next year … watch this space 😉

I am hoping to upload some pics as soon as I get them …

Phew … put my feet up now =D

My word, what a hectic weekend.

After a manic morning, I got myself, everyone at home and ‘stuff’ sorted and left the house setting off for the Studio in Peterborough. I hadn’t got further then a mile when I discovered that the main road I needed to travel on, was closed !!!! Ahhhhh, why why why??? Well, I had to laugh, because if I didn’t then I really would be crying after the last few days I had. 😆

Well, after a massive detour and traffic jams galore, I eventually got to the Studio. I met with Stephaine Weightman and the producer of the shows featuring the 4 Day Deal and we got ready for the launch.

I absolutely love working with Stephanie and I can say this even though I have only worked with her on 2 occasions so far. She is so genuine, accommodating and warm. She has given me so much great advice and has gone out of her way for me which I am really grateful for. She is an incredibly busy lady and her to take that time out for me, well …. I don’t even have words. Thank you Stephanie.

Well, anyway, the 4 Day Deal went well and I enjoyed the time on air with Stephanie. I spent the next whole day with Nigel May- my most favourite presenter (and buddy) 😀

Had another great day, I hope you guys watched Razzberry because Nigel, the Crew and I had such a laugh 😆 Next time I think I might take my camera and get the floor manager to take a few shots of ‘behind the scenes’.

It’s a lovely team of people at Ideal World/Create & Craft. Thank you guys for making life a laugh Cool

Another TV Appearance…

Hi Guys

Just thought I would update you guys on the show time for tomorrow. I am going to be doing a Craft 4 Day Deal. Its simalar to a Pick of the Day in that there will be shows over Saturday and Sunday, but the offer is available for the next 4 days from the day of launch.

Show time are:

Saturday – 9pm & Midnight

Sunday – 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 9pm.

Going to be a busy day tomorrow, I am over at the Coleman’s Craft Warehouse in Rushden from 10am until 4pm, doing a demonstration on behalf of TrimCraft, so if you’re around, come and say hello 😀

Well, I better get stuff sorted before the day ends ….

Will update soon, be good


Hints & Tips: Heat Embossing

There are 2 types of embossing, heat embossing and dry embossing. We will be taking about heat embossing in this post. There are a few tools required for this and they are:


Heat Gun – this is necessary, it is much hotter than a hairdryer and supplies a controllable jet of heat that you can direct on to your image.

Embossing Inkpad – this is a clear, tacky pad which has a slow drying time. A coloured pigment inkpad can be used or any pad that is very wet and will stay wet long enough for the powder to stick to it.

Embossing Powder – these powders come in a variety of colours and textures. Available in coloured, metalic, destressing, glitter, etc, there are new varieties in the stores on a regualr basis.

The only other requirements are a stamp, some card and a tidy tray or sheet of scrap paper for the excess embossing powder.


  • Ink up the stamp and stamp the image onto the card. If using a VersaMark or a colourless embossing ink you will only see a very faint image.
  • Before the image dries pour on the powder over the whole image. Tip off the excess onto a sheet of paper or into a tidy tray and put back into the pot. Tap the card to get rid of any extra powder from the image.
  • The next stage is the most exciting. Take the heat gun and start it up. Starting at one point aiming the heat gun at the image about 3 inches away then wait until the powder starts to melt. Move the heat gun and “chase” the melting powder until the whole image is embossed. You will quickly become used to the amount of time this takes and you can see the transformation happen before your eyes!


TIP – Try not to wave the heat gun around as there is a danger of missing part of the image. If this happens, the powder on the parts that have not been heated will fall off and you will be left with its missing. It is better have a steady hand and be methodic. That way the whole image will embossed.

TIP – If heat embossing for the first time, do not worry if it goes “wrong”. It just needs a little practice, it is very easy to master.

TIP – Do not over heat your image. This is easy to do if you are new to heat embossing. If over heated the mage will raise, which is what should happen and then will go flat. The card will absort the powder, which is what you do not want.

Embossing works well on paper and card – you can also emboss onto fabric, wood and glass with a little practice!

Once you have mastered heat embossing with stamped images, there is a multitude of other techniques to be learnt,for example, ultra thick or triple embossing to name but one.

Triple embossing is building up layers of embossing powder. Taking a pigment ink or embossing ink, apply to card. Pour on powder and melt. Sprinkle on more powder while still hot, reheat and repeat. The next is optional: while still warm, stamp into the heated powder using an inked stamp to create a debossed image into the powder. If you do not use a stamp, you can leave it and you will have a tile effect.

Special Ultra Thick powders are available for this effect, but it works just as well with a few layers of normal embossing powder.