Apologetic Post =D

I know, I know, it’s been so sooo long since my last update and I apologise profusely.

I have been busy making kits and bits and pieces for a craft company and have been learning so much doing it. I didn’t think I knew anything about graphics but I can truly say I have actually amazed myself 😆 You will see some of my work on a TV channel near you soon, but I will give you details once I know. Unfortunately, I won’t be demoing them myself, but hope to be doing in-store demos using the products.

As some of you already know I design for Let’s Make Cards and Let’s Get Crafting magazines and if you do buy or subscribe to them, (which really is the best way to go) you will have noticed that I am still actively contributing to them. If you haven’t seen them, then you can pick up your copy at the local supermarket or WH Smith’s. Come on, you know you want to 😆

Apart from crafting, I have been indulging in my other passion, Poker 😀

I went to Kent at the weekend to defend my title to retain the Pace Poker Trophy, but alas, it wasn’t to be. I had a great time though. Instead of cash prizes, all the proceeds went to the Meningitis Research Foundation which is a really worthwhile cause and I have been told that £20K was raised !!! Brilliant. All the prizes had been donated and there were some really good one, but my Poker face didnt seem to work on Saturday 🙁

The lovely Mr and Mrs Pace hosted the evening at their home and it was so nice to see them, Holly, Charlie and not forgetting Tippex and Cookie, the 2 chocy labs 🙂 However, I did miss Liam 🙁

It was great to catch up with mates I hadn’t seen for a long time and having the opportunity to meet and make new friends was fab. I hope to see them all again soon.

I am hoping to win back the trophy at some point again, so watch this space haha    

I’m back =)

The new Aspers Casino opened in Northampton in June and they had their first poker tournament last night.

Well, of course I had to go and have a look and see what the place was like. Quite an impressive place really, plush and luxurious. The tables are spaced really well, so there is plenty of walking space, I expect this will change if the place is popular.

The card room is excellent, the tables are lovely with padded rails, so no danger of the dealer flicking the cards over the edge and calling a misdeal when you have aces 😆

The tourney last night was a £50 freezeout with 43 runners. I did expect there to be more, but they haven’t really advertised the place, I didn’t even know it was open 😆

The structure was good, 5000 starting chips and 30 minute blinds. I got off to a good start, increasing my stack to double in the first 2 levels, but then went card dead. I hung in there, trying to keep myself afloat by stealing a few pots and my stack yoyo-ed. I was down to 3k at one point when the average was about 10k. I managed to double up a few times winning my races and stole a few pots here and there playing position and eventually ended up at the table with only 3 left.

We decided to chop it 3 ways, with the chip leader taking £610 and, as me and the other guy were evenly stacked, we both took away £500 each. What a result 😀

I hadn’t played for a while so it was a great boost, least I know I’ve still got it 😆

I’m Gutted …

I’m totally gutted to find out that Kara Scott & Jeff Kimber were casualties in the WSOP Main Event during day 5. Jeff went out pushing all-in with pocket Kings being called by pocket 9s. Yes, you know whats coming – a 9 on the flop sent Jeff out.

Kara pushed all-in holding KQ after seeing an Ace high flop with a King on board, unfortunately she was called by her opponent with A10. Coming 104th out of 6,844 isn’t a bad result for her, it was her first time playing the main event in Vegas, I cansee that this is going to be the start of many big tournaments for Kara 😀

Ho hum, there’s always next year for us all, I am definitely going to be there in Vegas, maybe even paying in the main event – better start saving for the $10,000 buy-in, worry about food and accommodation when I get there 😆

WSOP 08 – Going into Day 5

Woop Woop

Kara Scott is still in the main event with 241k in chips and Jeff Kimber has a 987k!!

I am so pleased for them and am going to be biting down my nails while reading the live updates on the WSOP website

I am so pleased for them both, we need that bracelet guys 😀 I wish I was in Vegas so that I could be cheering them on, but I am cheering from my armchair. I know that Kara is on the TV table so I can’t wait for the broadcast.

Good Luck Guys, funking for ya 😀

WSOP ’08, Main Event- 2 days are over!

I have been checking the updates for the Main Event in Vegas and am so pleased to know that some of my buddies are still in. They will be going in battle for the 3rd day !!

We need to bring it home this year 😀 wouldn’t that be so cool.

Liv Boeree, winner of the European Ladies Championship, has managed to get through to day 3, be it short stacked with 36k. A chip and a chair, and I tell you, Liv with a chip is someone to be weary of at the poker table 😀

Kara Scott is still in and has a decent stack (90k), not great, but a fair few chips to play with. Jeff Kimber is doing well with a healthy amount (174k). I have been keeping my eye on the WSOP update pages and chip counts and know that Steve Davies, Willie Tann, Barny Boatman, Nik Persaud, Paul Jackson, Julian Thew are all going through to day 3 – not sure of their chip counts however. I am sure that there are a few more that I know, but the list is sooo long 😆 From 6844 starters there are only 1308 players left …

Will update again to let you know who is left in after day 3.

Good Luck guys 😀

Find WSOP live updates and chip counts here

Poker at the Paces’





Last night Bev & Norman Pace had invited us and a whole host of poker friends around for a house game. We would all be playing for the Pace Poker Cup, previously won by Grub Smith, Kayla Kalmar and Jon Kalmar (5th in the WSOP main event 2007!). We picked up our friend Sam on the way and got to the Paces’ fashionably late after battling the London traffic, should have known to leave a bit earlier 😆

We were greeted by Norman, Bev, their lovely children and the cutie dogs; it was so nice to see them all again Big Grin. It was also great to see our other friends, most of who we had not seen for a long time. Once we had all got a chance to greet each other, mingle and fill out glasses, which was very important, the game got started.

With 37 runners, professional and semi-professional amongst them, it was a tough circuit. The likes of Paul ‘Action Jack’ Jackson, Jon Kalmar, Raj Modha, Shelley Rubinstein, Jen Mason, Kara Scott and the hostess herself – Bev Pace, to name but a few, it was not going to be an easy game.

Thankfully, I was not seated at the same table as Raj, as this, knowing from previous experience, would not have been good. I was in the study, with the lovely Liam Pace dealing. The game was slow to begin with and the first break came after an hour, at the end of level 3 At this point we were all still in !! I decided that I would just play tight and wait.

After the break and the blinds getting higher, we began to see casualties. With 24 left I was the chip leader so I decided only to play premium hands. After taking out our dealer with J7 off 😆 my biggest achievement of the night came when I took out Jon Kalmar, last year’s champion!!

As the night went on, Raj, Sam and I made it to the final table of 10, Action Jack and his son had also made it through, these were 2 players to be weary of …

The game continued and the Jackson duo were taken out by Raj. So then there were 4. I took out Sam who placed 4th and Jamie, a young lad of 19 went in 3rd, leaving Raj and I heads-up. This is what I had wished for all night Cool. Knowing that it would not continue for much longer, the aggression in both of us came out. Raj raised big with his K4, I went all-in with my KQ which was instantly called. With a gasp of “OH NO” after seeing my hand, I claimed the Pace Poker Cup and was hailed the 2008 champion 😀

We will do it all again next year when I defend my title and hope for a repeat of 2008. Woo hoo !!! 😆



*** NEWS FLASH ***

Party Poker Women’s Open starts to air on Wednesday 5th December 07 at 12.30am (Well, I suppose that’s Thursday morning really LOL).
I am not sure which heat I will be in, it depends on how they have scheduled it.
There are 7 heats, the first is the celebrity heat, which my very good friend, Kara Scott is in and then the 6 actual heats for a place in the final which will, obviously, be aired last. I can’t believe I just typed that LOL 😀

Well, I hope you enjoy watching and please leave me some comments on what you think …

Stay Lucky guys … 😉

BetFred Womens Poker Tour Grand Final Champion is named !!

BetFred Women’s Poker Tour Grand Final

On 8th Dec 07 all six leg winners and two leader board winners came together in Birmingham to play the Grand Final of the BetFred Women’s Poker Tour.

With the massive £20k sponsorship deal to play for and £5000 added prize pool all 8 ladies were raring to go. They had come from all over the country hoping to win the coveted first prize, much to the envy of all the hundreds of ladies that had played along the way.

Birmingham was represented well at the final table by Carla Goddard, Dawn Wood and Dawn Allen all playing locally. Vicky McKay of Slough sat next to Lynne Beaumont from Newcastle. Middlesborough girl Samantha Grayson took seat 6 with Nikki Short of Reading to her left. Finally, from Blackpool the first leg winner, Sue Adams, finished the line up for the nights play.

One million chips were in play at the table with a fantastic structure of half hour blinds starting at 500/1000, so there was going to be plenty of play.

If women are regarded as tight players, it wasn’t the case at this final table in Birmingham. A huge amount of chips exchanged hands as Vicky got Lynne to lay down pocket aces very early on in the evening, leaving Lynne the short stack at the table. Vicky seemed to be dominating the table with massive raises which seemed to be getting results; she made accumulating chips look easy in the game of poker.

However, the other ladies were not dormant, as Dawn Allen showed by taking out the first casualty, Samantha Grayson. Sue Adams was the next to go, leaving her chips in the ever growing stack of Vicky’s. However, Lynne managed to double up from her rival, Vicky, which put her back into the game. Still short stacked with 134k but a dangerous opponent to give chips to. Lynne’s appearance at the final table was no surprise even though she was not a first place winner at any of the tournaments. She had been the most consistent player throughout the year making 4 out of the 6 final tables along the way. Taking first place on the leader board earned her place onto the Grand Final table.

Nikki Woods being totally crippled after doubling up Dawn Woods, was next to leave. Her third attempt of an all-in was called by Carla and Nikki was on her way home.

Initially the scariest and most aggressive player at the table with a monster stack, Vicky McKay was watching her chips deplete at an alarming rate. She tried to fight back but was unsuccessful and made her exit in 5th place. Carla Goddard followed close behind being taken out by Dawn Allen.

Emotions were running high and the air was tense with only 3 players left.

Lynne had fought back and was now boasting the chip lead with 400k, closely followed by Dawn Allen possessing 330k leaving Dawn Wood 270k.

With the blinds at 15k/30k it was still anybody’s game but not having the luxury to play a slow game anymore, Dawn Woods was taken out in 3rd place by her namesake, which left Lynne Beaumont and Dawn Allen to do heads-up battle. Lynne was chip leader going in with 525k but comparative with Dawn’s stack, who only had 50k less.

After a closely fought war of cards the final ended when Dawn went all-in, for the first time during heads-up, after seeing a flop of 2s 4h 2h which was immediately called by Lynne holding Kh 2d. Dawn showed her Qd 9c needing a runner runner. It was all over when the turn and river were revealed, 9d and 4s giving Lynne a full house. Dawn Allen left taking a cheque for £1000.

Congratulations go to Lynne Beaumont and all the finalists for playing such a fantastic game. Lynne has earned herself a 20K sponsorship from BetFred so there is no doubt that she will be a familiar face on the poker circuit next year. This will include defending her BetFred Women’s Poker Tour Champion title, for sure.

Results table:

1 Lynne Beaumont – £1,000 + £20,000 2008 Sponsorship Package
2 Dawn Allen – £1,000
3 Dawn Wood – £825
4 Carla Goddard – £625
5 Vicki McKay – £500
6 Nikki Short – £400
7 Sue Adams – £350
8 Samantha Grayson – £300

What’s Happening in the Girlies Poker World?

The BetFred Women’s Poker Tour is in full swing right now, with 4 out of 6 legs already played and only 2 more left for a chance to win a place in the grand final due to be played in December. With only 2 more chances left, all the ladies will be fighting to get 1st place at either Sheffield (27 Oct 07) or Birmingham (17 Nov 07) to guarantee a place on the final table. The 2 other seats will be filled by the players who have gained the most points throughout the length of the competition which started in Stoke on 23 June 2007.

The buy-in being a reasonable £100 has opened the doors to more ladies who might otherwise think that most tournament buy-ins are a little to steep for their purses. Its a long day as play starts at 3pm and ends 12 hours later with a chip count if there is no outright winner.

The victorious ladies of each leg so far are:
Sue Adams – Stoke
Vicki McKay – London
Samantha Grayson – Newcastle
Dawn Wood in Reading

I am going to be trying my chances to get to that final table myself and am hoping to play at the last 2 venues. The Grand Final promises to be an exciting day which I would love to be involved in and the prize is nothing to be sneered at. With BetFred offering a £20,000 year long sponsorship deal for the eventual winner, all the ladies will be eyeing each other up for as many tells as they can find, no doubt, hiding behind their shades and trying to bag everyone’s chips.

Watch this space to find out the winner of this fantastic tournament.

Party Poker Women’s Open Pics …

Here we all are getting ready for the off…
From left to right:


oa5w0419.jpgLiz Lieu, Claire Hardy, Me Cool, Mad Marty Wilson (tournament director), Michelle Bricknell, Jackie Vaswani, Pippa Flanders

oa5w0474.jpgHang on, how many chips did you say I had ??

oa5w0535.jpgOMG, is that an Ace?? Ok, well in that case – All-in LOL

oa5w0610.jpgGo on then, call that – if you dare, hahaha

oa5w0665.jpgI LOVE POKER !!!