Took a few pics while in Vegas …


Team Ladbrokes at the Voodoo Lounge Party.


The very exclusive Ladbrokes Lounge entrance. Is that picture of someone I recognise ?? ! ?

You know, I could have sworn I was in Vegas, but this looks like Paris !? I am so puzzled . . .


Are we really inside the Wynn? It looks like we are outside still but the air somehow feels cool like the air-con is on … Its even more puzzling :-/


Ooooo, who fancies himself as a Hot Shot then! LOLOLOL 😀


I know I am in a helicopter, OMG, maybe I am having an out of body experience !! WOW


Just landed in the middle of the Grand Canyon, it’s soo hot, oh, maybe I should have expected that LOL I hope there aren’t any creepy crawlies ahhh


Going back to Vegas now, but hang on, isn’y that New York? I get so confused when I am here …


Time to go home, bye bye vegas, see you again next year (I hope) Crying

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