Life is so Weird …

Can’t life be so mental sometimes??!? I never imagined that I would be doing half the stuff that I’m doing now.
I remember when I was at school, I wanted to be some kind of electronics engineer. In fact, I ended up chasing a fairly stressful IT career, that if I just got the next promotion I would be so happy! When I did get the promotion, I still wasn’t happy and ended up leaving the IT world after 12 years of being there. It was really scary at first, but I managed to find other stuff to do. I really just wanted to be at home and live a life of leisure possibly sponging off my generous husband. I had a little think and decided that it wouldn’t be fair and it might be a bit boring too.

I had been doing some freelance paper craft design work with an online magazine that was the child of one of the major shopping channels. I thought that I might like to expand that area of my life. That’s what I decided to call my profession. Since then so much has happened with my new “career”. I have managed to get a lot more work and so thoroughly enjoy it all. I am constantly looking to find more and more work, and on my journey, I find the most fascinating people.

When I left “work”, I also wanted to spend a bit more time doing another one of my hobbies. That hobby, as you all know, is Poker. I love the game.
I used to watch my husband play online all the time, I watched it on TV and read about it, but I never thought I would play, well, not properly anyway. It’s a bit like watching figure skating, it’s cool to watch but you never imagine that you would ever be doing it. But, I suppose that’s the beauty of poker, there are no physical attributes required. But, then again, it’s easy to learn but takes an absolute lifetime to master, I don’t think I have ever met any poker players that will ever say that they have learnt the game fully.
Luckily, having a few friends helped me LOL, Ladbrokes sponsored me into a couple of events which was fantastic. I managed to do better then I ever thought I would, which boosted my confidence so much. Since then I have played and cashed (which is even more fab) and I continue to learn.

I am now even writing poker articles – it’s so cool. I am hoping to also be writing craft articles in the near future.

I don’t think it has all registered yet though, what a great time I am having. I think the best decision I made was giving up the day job and following my heart …

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