WSOP 08 – Going into Day 5

Woop Woop

Kara Scott is still in the main event with 241k in chips and Jeff Kimber has a 987k!!

I am so pleased for them and am going to be biting down my nails while reading the live updates on the WSOP website

I am so pleased for them both, we need that bracelet guys 😀 I wish I was in Vegas so that I could be cheering them on, but I am cheering from my armchair. I know that Kara is on the TV table so I can’t wait for the broadcast.

Good Luck Guys, funking for ya 😀

WSOP ’08, Main Event- 2 days are over!

I have been checking the updates for the Main Event in Vegas and am so pleased to know that some of my buddies are still in. They will be going in battle for the 3rd day !!

We need to bring it home this year 😀 wouldn’t that be so cool.

Liv Boeree, winner of the European Ladies Championship, has managed to get through to day 3, be it short stacked with 36k. A chip and a chair, and I tell you, Liv with a chip is someone to be weary of at the poker table 😀

Kara Scott is still in and has a decent stack (90k), not great, but a fair few chips to play with. Jeff Kimber is doing well with a healthy amount (174k). I have been keeping my eye on the WSOP update pages and chip counts and know that Steve Davies, Willie Tann, Barny Boatman, Nik Persaud, Paul Jackson, Julian Thew are all going through to day 3 – not sure of their chip counts however. I am sure that there are a few more that I know, but the list is sooo long 😆 From 6844 starters there are only 1308 players left …

Will update again to let you know who is left in after day 3.

Good Luck guys 😀

Find WSOP live updates and chip counts here

Its been a bit quiet …

I thought I would add a post as I have been a little quiet of late. It’s not that I haven’t done anything, there is always something happening…


I have recently been to see an Elvis tribute act who is really very like the King himself. His name is Simon Patrick and you might have seen him last year on a BBC programme called The World’s Greatest Elvis . He was invited to audition and made it through to the top 30 out of thousands!! So, you an believe me when I say he is good. His stage name is The Rebel, he’s a regular act at the Stardust in Benidorm and in between visits to Spain and back he gigs in the UK.

Watch out for him in your area, he is definitely worth going to see, if only to ogle his snaky hips 😆 But, joking aside, he is incredibly entertaining and his love for The King is evident as it is easy to see that that he has been heavily inspired by Elvis and is a fitting tribute to his idol.

Aside from going to see The King, I have played a little poker, no results though :-(. Only got near the money, but just short, 3 times !!! You know the scenario, 7 paid and I get 12th place… suppose it goes that way.

On the poker front, there’s a lot of my buddies over in Las Vegas playing in the Main Event of the WSOP. There have been some casualties, but there are quite a few still in so I’m eagerly watching the live updates and funking for them all – Go on you Guys, bring it home … 😀

There’s a few Ideal World Craft shows in the pipeline, so watch this space and I will update with dates and times soon 😀 But, for now, Hina has left the building 😆

Happy Crafting and Stay Lucky xxx

There’s a lot in the pipeline so watch this space…

Quick Update …

Just thought I would quickly update on what’s happening, well, what’s going to happen 😀

Watch out for a live morning show on Ideal World and Create & Craft channels on 2nd July at 9am – going to be an early start for me, I have to be at the studio for 7am so set off from home at around 5.30 !!!

There’s another 1 hour show mid-July, I will update with details nearer the date.

I am also doing a Fiskars demo at The Range in Coventry soon, so if your around the area, pop in, its always lovely to see my crafting buds. This is booked for the 5th July, 10am – 4pm.

Finally, if you are one of my craft ladies that attend workshops in Chesham, I’ll be seeing you at Blue Haze on the 4th July, Independance Day 😉 No, hang on, wrong country 😆

We are booked to do black and white themed cards in the morning and Stamping & Embossing techniques in the afternoon.

What an Experience !!

I got back from the Create & craft Experience on Sunday night, wow, what an experience… A full weekend, actually even more, started on Friday with 200+ crafters descending on the Hilton Hotel, Birmingham NEC. What a sight that was, a pack of ladies (and a few gentlemen) with purple trolley totes, issued by Ideal World to every attendee, trying to get past each other in a mass of purple. With so many crafting bodies together the comradery and banter made everyone feel welcomed. even if they had arrived alone.

Once everyone had booked into their rooms, the evening’s entertainment started with dinner and a speech from Joanna Sheen. My goodness, what an interesting life she has had so far!! The first place she ever sold her pictures was Harrods !!!! Now, if that’s not an impressive start, I don’t know what is… She has been in the craft industry since 1979, so as you can imagine, she had a few stories to tell 😆

After dinner there was a huge gathering of people in the bar 😆 Once everyone realised they had a very long day ahead of them they decided to have a restful sleep to prepare.

Saturday was be a long day with 4 scheduled workshops, it was sheer hard work, a welcome break was lunch in between 😀 Half hour breaks between the workshops meant there was lots of shopping in the retails areas in between.

Using RedHotBed products I had planned to do 3 projects in 90 minute, I am very proud to say that everyone who attended my workshop finished them all ! I hope all enjoyed the workshops as much as I did 😀

It was a fun filled Saturday evening, the entertainment was a Family Fortunes style game show and the Craft Experts did terribly 😆 With a £100 worth of vouchers, EACH !!! up for grabs. to spend on the Create & Craft website, the competition was fierce. It was the Smarties group that eventually won and I bet they are all chuffed to bits with the extra spending money, well done guys 😀

Sunday’s workshops started at 9.30am prompt. After 2 workshops we broke for lunch and then after one more the weekend came to an end. 🙁

We all gathered in the big hall, where we had been having all our meals and entertainment and there was a speech to say thank you to everyone who had attended. I had a great time, and hope that I will be invited again next year … watch this space 😉

I am hoping to upload some pics as soon as I get them …

Had a Wales of a time =)

I was in Wales for a couple of days where I had a great time. The weather was fabulous, not the usual rain, so it was even better.

Travelling by train, it was surprisingly a shorter journey then I had imagined. It only took 3½ hours to get there, which wasn’t so bad. I thought that I would nod off and end up missing my stop 😆 but instead, I managed to read most of one the poker books I had been meaning to, so it was a productive use of my time too 🙂

I got to Bangor station at about 12.40 and was so grateful that the sun was shining, as all the times I had visited before I had to avoid big puddles. It was a real treat being there in the sunshine, I would experience the beautiful landscapes on a beautiful day…

Angie picked me up from the train station and off we went on our adventure to Anglesey. Driving around it was evident that Angie would end up with one browner arm then the other before the day was out 😆


Angie on the Pier at Beaumaris

We crossed over Menai bridge and headed for Beaumaris first, where there is a lovely beach and pier. You can even go over to a place called Puffin Island on a boat excursion. Then we just took a leisurely drive around the island stopping at scenic beaches and places along and ended up at a place called Bull Bay. Stopped there for a drink and just took in the fresh air and sun rays.


Bobbing boats at Beaumaris


A beach on route to Bull Bay and then …


Some fluffy specks in the field, bleating 😆


Still on-route to Bull Bay, does this place exist?? 😆


A lone boat in Bull Bay


Another of Bull Bay, isn’t it just beautiful !! …

The next day we decided to go the long (or shortest, according to the TomTom :lol:), scenic route home. OMG, little teeny tiny roads going up mountains in densely wooded areas with sheer drops. It was a route for thrill seeking roller coaster riders. I kept looking out for the flash so that I could claim my photo at the end :lol:. However, Snowdonia has to be up there with the most beautiful landscapes of the world. It’s so peaceful, with the exception of the odd bleat, and the views are breath taking. We did make it down the mountains in one piece, although I am not sure how, as my eyes were tightly closed for most of the way 🙂

I thought I would share this experience as I managed to take some lovely pictures and thought you might like to see them… Enjoy 😀


Wow, talk about the scenic route !!


Next stop will be the Hilton at the NEC for the Create & Craft Experience Weekend …





Poker at the Paces’





Last night Bev & Norman Pace had invited us and a whole host of poker friends around for a house game. We would all be playing for the Pace Poker Cup, previously won by Grub Smith, Kayla Kalmar and Jon Kalmar (5th in the WSOP main event 2007!). We picked up our friend Sam on the way and got to the Paces’ fashionably late after battling the London traffic, should have known to leave a bit earlier 😆

We were greeted by Norman, Bev, their lovely children and the cutie dogs; it was so nice to see them all again Big Grin. It was also great to see our other friends, most of who we had not seen for a long time. Once we had all got a chance to greet each other, mingle and fill out glasses, which was very important, the game got started.

With 37 runners, professional and semi-professional amongst them, it was a tough circuit. The likes of Paul ‘Action Jack’ Jackson, Jon Kalmar, Raj Modha, Shelley Rubinstein, Jen Mason, Kara Scott and the hostess herself – Bev Pace, to name but a few, it was not going to be an easy game.

Thankfully, I was not seated at the same table as Raj, as this, knowing from previous experience, would not have been good. I was in the study, with the lovely Liam Pace dealing. The game was slow to begin with and the first break came after an hour, at the end of level 3 At this point we were all still in !! I decided that I would just play tight and wait.

After the break and the blinds getting higher, we began to see casualties. With 24 left I was the chip leader so I decided only to play premium hands. After taking out our dealer with J7 off 😆 my biggest achievement of the night came when I took out Jon Kalmar, last year’s champion!!

As the night went on, Raj, Sam and I made it to the final table of 10, Action Jack and his son had also made it through, these were 2 players to be weary of …

The game continued and the Jackson duo were taken out by Raj. So then there were 4. I took out Sam who placed 4th and Jamie, a young lad of 19 went in 3rd, leaving Raj and I heads-up. This is what I had wished for all night Cool. Knowing that it would not continue for much longer, the aggression in both of us came out. Raj raised big with his K4, I went all-in with my KQ which was instantly called. With a gasp of “OH NO” after seeing my hand, I claimed the Pace Poker Cup and was hailed the 2008 champion 😀

We will do it all again next year when I defend my title and hope for a repeat of 2008. Woo hoo !!! 😆



Phew … put my feet up now =D

My word, what a hectic weekend.

After a manic morning, I got myself, everyone at home and ‘stuff’ sorted and left the house setting off for the Studio in Peterborough. I hadn’t got further then a mile when I discovered that the main road I needed to travel on, was closed !!!! Ahhhhh, why why why??? Well, I had to laugh, because if I didn’t then I really would be crying after the last few days I had. 😆

Well, after a massive detour and traffic jams galore, I eventually got to the Studio. I met with Stephaine Weightman and the producer of the shows featuring the 4 Day Deal and we got ready for the launch.

I absolutely love working with Stephanie and I can say this even though I have only worked with her on 2 occasions so far. She is so genuine, accommodating and warm. She has given me so much great advice and has gone out of her way for me which I am really grateful for. She is an incredibly busy lady and her to take that time out for me, well …. I don’t even have words. Thank you Stephanie.

Well, anyway, the 4 Day Deal went well and I enjoyed the time on air with Stephanie. I spent the next whole day with Nigel May- my most favourite presenter (and buddy) 😀

Had another great day, I hope you guys watched Razzberry because Nigel, the Crew and I had such a laugh 😆 Next time I think I might take my camera and get the floor manager to take a few shots of ‘behind the scenes’.

It’s a lovely team of people at Ideal World/Create & Craft. Thank you guys for making life a laugh Cool

Another TV Appearance…

Hi Guys

Just thought I would update you guys on the show time for tomorrow. I am going to be doing a Craft 4 Day Deal. Its simalar to a Pick of the Day in that there will be shows over Saturday and Sunday, but the offer is available for the next 4 days from the day of launch.

Show time are:

Saturday – 9pm & Midnight

Sunday – 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 9pm.

Going to be a busy day tomorrow, I am over at the Coleman’s Craft Warehouse in Rushden from 10am until 4pm, doing a demonstration on behalf of TrimCraft, so if you’re around, come and say hello 😀

Well, I better get stuff sorted before the day ends ….

Will update soon, be good


Ain’t nothin but the Houndogs

Hey Guys

Hope you all had a great bank holiday weekend, even though the weather left a lot to be desired, then again, we don’t really expect much more on a bank holiday LOL ianandrobert.JPG

It’s still raining here in Northampton 🙁 but I am still on a high from my Saturday night. I went over to a village called Stanwick, Lynsey had told me that there was a band, called the Houndogs, on at the local club. WOW, what a night. It was great, what an amazing performance from a band consisting of 3 brothers, they totally blew me away. It was one of the most lively, energetic and entertaining acts I have seen for a long long time. They are a rockabilly band that have so much passion for their music that YOU can feel it.

I was fortunate enough to meet the 3 brothers, Robert, Ian and Dave, they are the nicest people. They even entertained my idea of having pictures taken with them and signed a CD for me :-D. These guys really need to be signed !!! And, whoever sits around and thinks about it will be so disappointed when someone else pips them to the post.

When you watch programmes on the TV like X-Factor, Britains got Talent, etc, it amazes me that acts like these are passed by, there is never anything worth a second thought on these shows, so, get yourself onto their website,, and take a look at the dates and venues of their gigs. Get yourself down to see them, I promise, you will not be disappointed. They also have CDs available so buy one, you won’t want to listen to anything else ;-D

Take a look at the pics below 😀

Lynsey with Rob on the Guitar. Clare with Dave on the Drums and Me with Ian on the Double Bass


Aren’t these so kewl 😀


Balancing Act …


Two of my most favourite people in the world 😀 Janet & Graham, it was lovely to see them both again.